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Donq Celebrates 117th Anniversary of its Founding

"Hokkaido Natural Cheese Pave" developed by Donq Hokkaido Sapporo shop

"Butter-scented Goroshima Kintoki" developed by Donq Ishikawa Kanazawa shop

"Peanut Cream Bread" developed by Donq Chiba shop

"Nishio Matcha and Dainagon" developed by Donq Aichi Nagoya shop
Donq, a famous Japanese bakery chain, headquartered in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture and headed by president Tadashi Nakatsuchi, celebrated the 117th anniversary of its founding on August 8, and held an event titled “Donq's 117th Anniversary Festival featuring Donq Famous Bread Collection," from August 1 to 16 at Donq and Donq Edite shops nationwide.

"Donq Famous Bread Collection," is a selection of products with a strong local flavor developed independently in each shop of Donq shops nationwide and they were sold at all shops of Donq and Donq Edite shops in the event.

On August 8, a speed raffle was held for a total of 6000 people to win prizes that reflects the regional characteristics of each region of Japan, including the Chiba Prefecture prize of "Peanut Butter Set" and the Kobe prize of "Rokko Beef Stewed in Kobe Red Wine.

The Donq Bread Collection included "Hokkaido Natural Cheese Pavé" (303 yen including tax), "Butter-Scented Go-roshima Kintoki" (260 yen including tax), "Peanut Cream Bread" (249 yen including tax), "Nishio Green Tea and Dai-nagon" (249 yen including tax), "Awaji Onion and Cheddar Cheese" (281 yen including tax), "Setouchi Lemon and Cream Cheese" (292 yen including tax), "Kagoshima Kuro-bu-ta Pork Baked Curry" (303 yen including tax).

"Hokkaido Natural Cheese Pavé", is a product developed by Donq Hokkaido Sapporo shop, baked with two kinds of natural cheese from Hokkaido, Gouda cheese and cream cheese. The rich flavor of the cheese is enhanced when reheated.

"Butter-scented Goroshima Kintoki" was developed by Donq Ishikawa Kanazawa shop. The sweetness of Go-ro-shima Kin-toki goes well with the savory flavor of black sesame seeds, and the product is baked with salted butter for a rich aroma.

"Peanut Cream Bread" was developed by the Donq Chiba shop and uses "Creamy Peanut Butter," a popular product from Suzuichi Shoten in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture. It is said to be full of the natural flavor of peanuts..

"Nishio Matcha and Dainagon" was developed by Donq Nagoya shop in Aichi Prefecture. It contains Nishio matcha green tea, which is known for its elegant aroma, and is accented with Dai-nagon and white chocolate chips.

"Awaji Onion and Cheddar Cheese" was developed by the Donq Hyou-go Kobe shop and uses onions grown on Awaji Island, Hyou-go Prefecture, with their gentle sweetness and the taste of the cheese being the key point.

"Seto-uchi Lemon and Cream Cheese" has a refreshing aroma of Setouchi lemon peel and the richness of cream cheese, and is delicious even slightly chilled.

"Kagoshima Kuro-bu-ta Baked Curry" has been developed by Donq Kumamoto shop in Kumamoto Prefecture, and is made by wrapping original Kagoshima Kurobuta curry with a baked cheese topping.

With a total of approximately 200 shops, including those overseas, Donq still sticks to the "scratch method of bread making," in which bread is baked by artisans at each bakery shop.

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Tobu Ikebukuro Department Store Holds "the 7th Ikebukuro Bread Festival"
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