Date of Issue: July 2021 Issue of Boulansserie  Category: Events

Boulangerie Vague Holds "Vague Forest Insect Bread Fair"

"Beetle Bread"

"Firefly bread"
Boulangerie Vague, which sells bread at a flat price of 100 yen, has been holding a fair entitled "Vague Forest Insect Bread Fair" since June 4th at all of their 19 shops. "Insect Collecting Fair" was previously held at their Toyosu shop in April this year and was well received, which is one of the reasons why "Vague Forest Insect Bread Fair" was held.

They sell "Beetle Bread", "Stag Beetle Bread", "Bagworm Bread", "Firefly Bread", "Ladybug Bread", all of which are 151 yen including tax.

"Beetle Bread" expresses beetles with various types of bread dough. Chocolate cream is injected inside.

"Stag Beetle Bread" also contains chocolate cream, and the horns are expressed with cocoa dough.

"Bagworm Bread" is a product baked from chocolate-flavored bread dough topped with Danish pastry dough.

"Firefly bread" is a product that expresses fireflies with cocoa dough and strawberry melon bread dough.

"Ladybug Bread" is a product that expresses ladybugs with strawberry melon bread dough.

The bakery said, "We thought we can do something in a situation where children couldn't play due to the coronavirus pandemic. That is why we decided to make cute insect breads to make children happy."