Date of Issue: September 2020 Issue  Category: Events

Final Round of Japanese Qualifiers for the 8th Mondial du Pain to Be Held

Team Japan won the championship in the 7th Mondial du pain held in 2019
Les Ambassadeurs du Pain du Japon, will hold the final round of Japanese qualifiers for the 8th Mondial du pain, an international bread competition which will be held in France in 2021.The final round will be held from October 28 through 30 at Intex Osaka, an exhibition hall in Osaka.

The participants are Mr. Keisuke Takahashi from Comme'N,a bakery in Tokyo, Mr. Kyuya Yanagawa from Boulangerie Yanagawa, a bakery in Aichi Prefecture, Mr. Akihiro Kamimura from Boulangerie Avec, a bakery in Aichi Prefecture, Mr. Hirofumi Takagi from LoveBread, a bakery in Fukuoka Prefecture, Mr. Yoshinori Taniguchi from Friande, a bakery in Hyogo Prefecture, Mr. Minori Toyokawa from Boulangerie Parigot, a bakery in Osaka Prefecture, and Mr. Takumi Ikeda from Boulangerie Gourmand in Hyogo Prefecture.