Date of Issue: December 2020 Issue  Category: Events

Ecole de Patisserie et de Cuisine Kokusai Exhibits Confectionery Works at the Easetan Tachikawa Store

he work entitled "Valentine" by Mariko Kano won the gold prize
From October 21 to 27, Ecole de Patisserie et de Cuisine kokusai, a confectionery college in Tachikawa City, Tokyo, exhibited confectionery works made by the students at the Isetan Tachikawa Store in Tachikawa City, Tokyo. Also, from October 21 to 25, the breads and sweets baked by the students, such as "cream puffs" and "fig chocolates," were sold at the department store and gained popularity among visitors.

"2020 Japan Cake Show Tokyo", Japan's most famous confectionery contest, which was scheduled to be held from October 13 through 15, was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, making it impossible for the students to exhibit their works at the show. And the exhibition of the students' works at the Isetan Tachikawa Store is the occasions the confectionery college had prepared for the students.

The college had already held an on-campus competition for these works and has crowned the gold, silver, bronze and effort awards winners.
The gold prize winner is Mariko Kano, a second-year student of the general confectionery specialist division, who submitted the work entitled "Valentine".