Date of Issue: August 2020 Issue  Category: Events

California Raisins Administrattive Comettee Announces Winners of 28th Annual Raisin Bread Contest in Japan

The winners and judges

"Gently Melting Rasin" by Ms. Miyuki Taniguchi

"The Gifts from California, a Lovely Trio" by Ms. Aki Nishikawa
The Japan Office of California Raisin Administrative Committee crowned the winners of the 28th annual Raisin Bread Contest on June 12 through 13,at the Japan Institute of Baking in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan, where 19 finalists gatherd to compete in the artisan, and industrial baking categories. They had been chosen from a total of 136 initial entries submitted by professional bakers from across Japan.

The Contest was judged by Mr. Jeff McNeill,representative of the Japan Office of the commitee, Mr. Kazuo Nishimura, bakery consultant, mr. Mutsumi Watanabe, bakery consultant, Mr. Yoshiyuki Ito, teacher of Tsuji Confectionery College, Mr. Naoki Takae, teacher of Ecole de Patisserie de Tokio, Mr.Takayuki Iwamatsu, teacher of Hattori Nutrition College, and Mr. Masashi Takaya, representative of Japan's Bread Paperes Asociation.

In the industrial baking category, Ms. Miyuki Taniguchi of Francois Company Ltd, bread wholesaler in Fukuoka Prefecture, won the California Raisins Grand Price for her product named "Gently Melting Rasin", and in the artisan category, Ms. Aki Nishikawa of Donq, Japan's famous artisan bakery, won the California Raisins Grand Price for her entry bread "The Gifts from California, a Lovely Trio".

"I used Rasins soaked in rum, sour cream cheese, and rusberry jam, so that sweet textures of the rasins can be fully enjoyed," Ms. Taniguchi said. "Also, I gave the bread good solubility in the mouth and light texture, so that the jucy textures of the rasins will be clearly featured."

"My pruduct is both sweet and sour, which is realised by using rasins, walnuts, and valencia oranges.I soaked the raisins in Rum to make them jucy, and I soaked the valencia oranges in Cointreau to make them sour and fresh," Ms Nishikawa said. "Concerning the walnuts, I crushed them to use as accents in the textures.