Date of Issue: June issue in 2020  Category: Events

"Oshipan Sousenkyo" held from April 6 through 17

Roggen Meyer, a bakery with natural taste in Hyogo Prefecture., and operating 13 bakery shops, held from April 6 through 17, "Oshipan Sousenkyo", or The Contest of Recommended Bread.

4 shop managers of the bakery worked out the plans of promotion and made them public on social media, having their customers vote for the plan they want to be done. The plan which has got the most votes would be done in 12 shops of the bakery.

There were a total of 13 thousand votes, and the shop manager of Mino Shop of the bakery won the first place with the plan of selling cream breads with custard creem, the quantity of which is increased by 50 %, at the same price of 180 yen , as the one that does not have increased custard cream. He got 3773 votes.

Concerning the other plans, the manager of Mint Kobe Shop got the 2nd place with the plan of selling 3 pieces of "Rich Croissant" at the price of 333 yen, and the manager of Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi Shop got the 3rd place with the plan of giving children under the age of 12, 1 piece of "Salt Butter Croissant" a day.

The 4th place winner was the manager of JR Ashiya Shop who worked out the promotion plan of selling a 500 yen free monthly ticket with which you can get "Curry Bread" free for a month.

As coronavirus infection spread all over Japan, people are refraining from eating at restaurants, having more chances of eating at home. And "Oshipan So-senkyo" is the event that we hope will make people enjoy. We also hope that this event will make people happy who cannot go out on the holiday season in May, Roggen Meyer says.