Date of Issue: March 2022 Issue of Bakery Japan  Category: Events

Yamazaki Baking to hold "Yamazaki Spring Bread Festival" from February 1 to April 30

"Yamazaki Spring Bread Festival"
Yamazaki Baking Company Ltd., the largest bread wholesaler in Japan, will hold the annual "Yamazaki Spring Bread Festival" from February 1 to April 30.

This year's prize is the "White Smile Bowl," a slightly deep bowl-shaped container about 14.9 cm in diameter and 4.7 cm high. With its simple design, it is especially suitable for serving soup and salad. It can also be used as a serving dish in a wide range of dining situations.

The product is made by ALC France, the world's largest glass tableware manufacturer headquartered in France. It is made of physically strengthened glass, which is said to be stronger than ordinary glass.

During the festival period, you can get a "White Smile Bowl" in exchange for 28 stickers attached to the products such as "Royal Bread," "Super Mellow," "Double Soft," "Lewin Butter Roll," "Lunch Pack," and "Thin Crusted Bean Jam," at stores that sell Yamazaki baked products.

"Spring Bread Festival" is held every year in spring, and in the first Bread Festival in 1981, the gift were pure white plates made in France. They were well received as "clean, smart and fashionable plates.

Since then, various types of "white plates" made in France have been the prices every year, and the total of more than 500 million "white plates have been given to Yamazaki bread lovers.