Date of Issue: December 2020 Issue  Category: Events

Kokusai Food Seika Vocational School Holds a School Festival Entitled "Food Service Festival 2020"

The students and festival staff welcomed visitors at the entrance

The work entitled "Sunken Ship" won the gold medal
Kocusai Food Seika Vocational School, a confectionery and culinary school, held a school festival entitled "Food Service Festival 2020" on November 3, at the school in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, with the theme of "Making
Everyone Smile With Food."

From around 10 am before the opening time, many people lined up in front of the entrance, and the students and festival staff welcomed visitors. At the entrance, they measured the temperature of each visitor and had each visitor disinfect his hand with alcohol.

Various events were held by the students and were crowded with many people. At the bread cafe named "Bonur Sandwich", 4 menus , which are "vegetable sandwich", "salmon sandwich", "tuna sandwich" and "ham sandwich" were all offered for 500 yen.
Makoto,Ohtsu, a first-year student in the confectionery and bakery department who was in charge of serving customers at the cafe, said, "I'm glad that many customers lined up from the morning. I recommend" Salmon Sandwich, "which was ranked first in the tasting evaluation by our principal.

Many works of decorative bread and candy art, made by the students were exhibited in the festival. The work entitled "Sunken Ship", made of decorative bread, which won the gold medal in the confectionery and bakery department, is a joint work of 4 students, Yasuto Horino uchi, Tomoya Maeda, Yui Kaneko, and Misaki Yoshida. The silver prize was won by oume Nakazato, who submitted the work entitled "Osaka Castle".

Mr. Osamu Hirose, principal of the school, said, "I am grateful that we are able to hold the school festival in the way our desire to bring smiles to everyone is fulfilled. After many months of school closing due to Covid-19 pandemic, regular classes started in June this year. After many discussions about whether we should hold the school festival, it was decided at the end of August to hold it by taking every possible measure against coronavirus infection".