Date of Issue: August 2021 Issue of Boulansserie  Category: Events

Tobu Ikebukuro Department Store Holds "the 7th Ikebukuro Bread Festival"

"Sasa Dango Bread"

"Fukaya Negi Curry Bread"
Tobu Ikebukuro Department Store held the "7th Ikebukuro Bread Festival" from June 23 to 28. Products from bakeries selected by Bread Analyst Chikako Katayama under the themes of "bread from all over the world", "local bread", and "summer bread", were exhibited.

Under the theme of "Bread from all over the world", "Maritozzo" (594 yen including tax) manufactured and sold by "Handmade Deli and Bread cafe cocona" in Oshia gay, Tokyo, and "Sfogliatella" (450 yen including tax) manufactured and sold by "Ospitale", a bakery in Fukuoka City.

Under the theme of "local bread", "Sasa Dango Bread" (260 yen including tax) from the long-established bakery "Kotake Confectionery" in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, and, "Konbu bread" (200 yen including tax) from Sawaya Foods located in Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture.

Under the theme of "summer bread ", "Fukaya Negi Curry Bread" (378 yen including tax) sold by "Bakery's Kitchen Ohana" in Ari a ke, Tokyo, and "Matcha Roll Whipped Cheese Dog" (961 yen including tax) from "Kujira-so" in Sangenjaya, Tokyo.

"Maritozzo" is a product with plenty of fresh cream sandwiched in brioche. It is made in the image of Maritozzo, an Italian sweet.

"Sfogliatella" is a product that wraps pistachio cream. It is sprinkled with pistachio cream, and topped with pistachio chocolate and pistachio dices.

"Sasa Dan go Bread" is a bread made from rice flour made from Joetsu Koshihikari, a famous Japanese brand rice. It has domestic wormwood mixed in, and covered with bamboo grass.

"Konbu bread" is a product made by kneading Hokkaido kelp into the dough using rice flour from Toyama prefecture.

"Fu ka ya Negi Curry Bread" is a keema curry bread packed with sweet Fukaya Negi (a famous Japanese green onion produced in Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture). It also has minced pork, and vegetables wrapped inside.

"Matcha Roll Whipped Cheese Dog" is a hot dog using fluffy cream cheese and homemade sausage.

Tobu Ikebukuro Department Store says, "We want our customers who refrains from traveling or going home, to enjoy the tastes of the world and the locals. We also introduce breads that we recommend during hot summer months. "