Date of Issue: March 2021 Issue  Category: Events

International Confectionery Vocational College Holds School Festival entitled "32nd Kokusai Tachikawa Confectionery Festival 2021"

Ms. Riko Umehara who won the "School Principal Award" with her work entitled "Cafe Sakura - cafe et pain"
International Confectionery Vocational College, located in Tachikawa City, Tokyo,Japan, held a school festival entitled "32nd Kokusai Tachikawa Confectionery Festival 2021" at the school, on February 6th and 7th. The event where visitors could experience making icing cookies under the guidance of the students attracted much attention, and the graduation works by the students who will graduate in March were exhibited in the school and enjoyed by so many visitors. In addition, another venue was set up at Takashimaya Tachikawa, a nearby department store, where the students sold the breads and sweets that they had baked.

At the venue of the school building, visitors experienced making sweets and cookie decoration using icing techniques, under the guidance of students. Many of the participants were children accompanied by their parents and they enthusiastically decorated cookies.

Many masterpieces were shown at the exhibition place of the graduation works of students scheduled to graduate in March. The work that won the "School Principal Award" was the one entitled "Cafe Sakura - cafe et pain" by Riko Umehara, a student of the Specialized Department of bread making. It is a work made by carefully making various types of bread, from sweet bread such as butter rolls and cornets to hard bread such as baguettes and bacon epi bread, and placing them in baskets and trays made by hollowing out loaf bread and French bread.

Ms. Umehara said, "I got an idea of hollowing out bread to use it as a basket, from my senior's work. But it was my original idea to hollow out baguettes. In classes at school, our questions are answered logically one by one. I think that the bread making experiments were very useful for me. I did a lot of things in this school."