Date of Issue: June 2021 Issue of Boulansserie  Category: New Products

German Restaurant Zum Einhorn Sells Brand-new Product Named "Quark Torte"

"Quark Torte"
From April 14, the German restaurant Zum Einhorn, located in Minatoku, Tokyo, is selling a brand-new product named "Quark Torte" (3500 yen including tax). It uses the fresh cheese "quark", which is popular in Germany. The number of products sold in a day is limited to 5. "Quark" is a high-protein, low-fat fresh cheese that has been attracting attention in Japan in recent years from the viewpoint of health consciousness.

There are said to be different items of quark cheese with different fat content grades depending on how much cream is added, but in general, most of them have a fat content of 10% or less.

Zum Einhorn said, "we think "Quark Torte" is the next thing to pay attention to after Basque cheese cake. We developed it to meet the needs of customers who want to eat healthier foods."