Date of Issue: August 2021 Issue of Boulansserie  Category: New Products

Yamazaki Baking Releases "Super Rich Gold", Higher-class Product of the Company's Main Brand "Super Rich"

"Super Rich Gold"
On July 1, Yamazaki Baking Company Ltd., the largest bread wholesaler in Japan, headed by President Nobuhiro ijima, released a new bread, "Super Rich Gold," which is made by using a unique hot water kneading method. It is developed as a higher-class product of the company's main brand "Super Rich".

"Super Rich" breads are slightly sweet and delicious, while "Super Rich Gold breads" are even more delicious because longtime-fermented levin, butter, and fresh cream are added.

The dough is kneaded using flour made from the finest part of the wheat grain, to be baked into breads that have moist textures. In addition, the fermentation activities of lactic acid bacteria and yeast done in the levin, brings the original flavor and rich taste of wheat, to the bread dough.

Furthermore, by adopting a hot water kneading method in which a part of wheat flour is kneaded with boiled water to be gelatinized into starch, that will be aged all day, "the Super Rich Gold breads" are baked into breads that have the natural sweetness of wheat.

Yamazaki Baking says, "Amid growing demand for delicious breads in quarantine life, we are working on the development of high-quality wholesale shokupan breads with our desire to provide higher-grade taste at our customers' daily dining tables. There are 2 kinds of "Super Rich Gold breads," one loaf type, and a half loaf type."