Date of Issue: December 2021 Issue of Bakery Japan  Category: New Products

Yamazaki Baking Releases Renewed Version of Long-selling Bread, "Double Soft"

Renewed version of "Double Soft"
On November 1, Yamazaki Baking Company Ltd., headed by President Nobuhiro Iijima, released a renewed version of its long-selling bread, "Double Soft," with the catchphrase, "Even crust is unbelievably soft." The company says that by blending fermented dough, called "Levain", a richer flavor and improved moistness of the bread has been brought out.

Since its launch in 1989, "Double Soft" has been a long-seller, supported by a wide range of people from children to the elderly.

In commemoration of the renewal, a campaign is underway to give away a set of T-shirts with the Yamazaki logo to 50 pairs of parents and children.

The slice of "Double Soft" can be divided into two halves from the center, and when the halves are placed side by side, they look like the number 11, which is why the 11th of every month has been designated as "Double Soft Day. There are two 1's side by side, and they decided to call it "One Double",designating every November as "One Double Month with Double Soft.

The company applied to the Japan Anniversary Association for recognition of the 11th of each month as "Double Soft Day", and for recognition of every November as "One Double Month with Double Soft," both of which have been granted.