Date of Issue: October 2021 Issue  Category: Knowledge

Yamazaki Baking to Raise Prices of Japanese Sweets and Western-Style Sweets

Yamazaki Baking Co. Ltd., headed by President Nobuhiro Iijima, will raise the prices of Japanese sweets such as "Hokkaido Cheese Steamed Cake," "Pancake Sandwich," "Skewered Rice Dumplings With Sweet Soy Sauce Glaze," and "Tofu Daifuku" by an average of 6.5%, and Western-style sweets such as "Strawberry Shortcake," "Whole Banana," "Big Twin Puffs," and "Strawberry Special" by an average of 7.4%.

 Yamazaki Baking explained the reason for the price hike, "The international price of grains has soared, due to increased global demand and unseasonable weather in major production areas, and the prices of fats, oils, and sugars have risen, while the price of eggs has soared due to the spread of avian influenza.

In addition, energy costs such as electricity, gas, and light oil are also rising. And distribution costs and labor costs have also increased, and although we are continuing our corporate efforts to absorb the increased costs, the situation has become very difficult to maintain the qualities of the products without raising the prices."