Date of Issue: May 2021 Issue  Category: New Products

Yamazaki Launches New Product Named "Super Rich Salt 50% Cut," to Meet the Needs For Low-salt Products

"Super Rich Salt 50% Cut,"
Yamazaki Baking Company Ltd., president of which is Mr. Nobuhiro Ijima, launched a new product named "Super Rich Salt 50% Cut," on April 1, to meet the needs for low-salt products.

It achieves a salt reduction of about 0.45 grams per 6 slices. In addition, it is made by the company's original hot water kneading method, bringing out the natural sweetness of wheat, with the chewy texture and the sweetness of maltose.

In addition, the original fermented Levin is mixed into the bread dough, and the fermentation action of lactic acid bacteria and yeast gives the bread dough the original flavor and rich flavor of wheat.

Yamazaki Baking says, "In the 2020 Japanese dietary intake standards established by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the target amount of salt intake for adults is per day has been reduced by 0.5 grams, from the viewpoint of preventing lifestyle-related diseases due to excessive salt intake. In addition, social interest in salt reduction has been increasing as the "Reiwa 2nd Year Eating Habits Improvement Promotion Campaign" was held in September last year with the theme of "Deliciously reducing salt intake by 2 grams per day". Thus, the market for low-salt products is expanding."