Date of Issue: November 2020 Issue  Category: New Products

Yamazaki Baking Releases "Torori Cream Pancake" as a New Product of "Premium Sweets"

Torori Cream Pancake
On October 1, Yamazaki Baking Company Ltd., the largest bread wholesaler in Japan, released "Torori Cream Pancake" as a new product of the company's popular chilled dessert brand "Premium Sweets". It is a pancake with maple sauce sandwiched, and with cream placed on top.
Plenty of eggs are used, making the pancake very soft. By using cream with high milk fat content, it is baked into a thick texture pancake with rich milk flavor.

"Premium Sweets" is a series of chilled desserts made by making full use of the manufacturing method that the company has cultivated over many years. In addition to Western type sweets such as waffles, cream puffs, roll cakes, and eclairs, they also have a lineup of Japanese sweets such as "nama dorayaki".
It has been gaining popularity since its launch in October, 2014, and according to the company, a total of about 50 million products of the series were shipped in 2019.
Yamazaki Baking says, "While practicing a new lifestyle in the coronavirus pandemic, people are beginning to think that they want a little fun in their daily life and that they want to release stress, and they are enjoying "domestic sweets". During the period from April to September 2020, when the effects of the pandemic began to appear, our confectionery division saw a significant increase in sales, and sales of fresh cakes increased by about 15% year-on-year."