Date of Issue: June issue in 2020  Category: New Products

Yamazaki Release Bread using Hokaido Products

Yamazaki Baking Co. Ltd., the largest bread wholesaler in Japan, released on May 1, 7 items of bread using products of Hokkaido, such as melons grown in Furano, milk produced in Tokachi, potatoes produced in Yotay. They will be sold till June 30.

The 7 items are "Melon Bread (with whipped cream using the juice of melon from Hokkaido)", "Sweet Bean Paste Danish (bean paste made from red beans )", "Cream Puff Bread (whipped cream and custard cream using milk from Tokachi)", "Cream Bread (which can be separated into several pieces, with cream using butter from Tokachi)", "Cheese Cream Roll (with cream using cheese from Tokachi)", "Corn Bread (using corns from Hokkaido)", "Croquette Burger (using potatoes from Yotay)".

A QR code that will lead you to movies featuring nature of Hokkaido, is printed on the back side of the package. There are 4 movies, each introducing nature of the northern, the eastern, the southern, and the western part of Hokkaido.

We participate in Hokkaido Ouendan Kaigi, or Hokkaido Cheering Conference, and we would like to be of help for tourism promotion in Hokkaido, Yamazaki says.