Date of Issue: April 2022 Issue of Bakery Japan  Category: Reports

Pasco Shikishima Announces the Top 5 of the Best-selling New Products in March

Danish Eclair

Cinnamon Roll Cake

Uji Green Tea Melon Bread

Fluffy Whipped Chiffon Uji Green Tea
 Pasco Shikishima Corporation, one of the major bread wholesalers in Japan, headed by president Atsuo Morita, has announced the top 5 of the company's best-selling new products in March.
 No. 1; Danish Eclair, which is a Danish pastry filled with milk whipped cream, and coated with chocolate. It has characteristics of both Danish and eclair.
 No. 2; Cinnamon Roll Cake, a cake roll rolled into a mountain shape and finished in the style of a cinnamon roll. The product is designed to look like a cinnamon roll as well as taste like one. The glaze melts when slightly heated in the microwave, giving the cake a different taste.
 No. 3; Uji Green Tea Melon Bread, a melon bread baked with Uji green tea cookie dough, and filled with Uji green tea whipped cream.
 No. 4; Fluffy Whipped Chiffon Uji Green Tea, a fluffy chiffon cake flavored with Uji matcha tea, and with whipped cream containing Uji matcha tea.
 No. 5; White Coppepan Made of Domestic Wheat, a coppepan filled with a combination of Japanese cherry leaf sakura bean paste and Uji green powdered tea cream.