Date of Issue: June issue in 2020  Category: New Products

Pasco release "Sweets in journeys"

Pasco Shikishima Corporation, one of the major bread wholesalers in japan, released on May 1, 4 items of bread entitled "Sweets in journeys", in the districts of Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, and Shikoku. They are all at open prices, and Shikishima expects shipment of 2 million pieces per month in all.

The 4 items are "Danish with New York taste", "Cream Bread with the taste of Vietnam Coffee", "Cake with the taste of Creme brulee","Pancake with Peach Melba taste".

"Danish with New York taste" has been developed in the image of American-born NY cheese cake. It has rich and not too sweet cheese cream squeezed on top.]

"Cream Bread with the taste of Vietnam Coffee" is the product that has been developed in the image of Vietnam Coffee, which is enjoyed with condensed milk. It has whipped cream and Vietnam coffee jelly inside.

"Cake with the taste of Creme brulee" has been designed in the image of Creme brulee, which originates in France, and has 2 different enjoyable textures.

"Pancake with Peach Melba taste" is an item of pancake colored pink. It has peach and raspberry jam placed on top, and whipped cream is also placed on top. It has been developed in the image of Peach Melba of British origin.

Shikishima says that the 4 items are designed from sweets that have their origin in America, Vietnam, France, England, and that enjoyably designed packaging will delight the eyes of customers coming to the bread section.