Date of Issue: November 2021 Issue of Bakery Japan  Category: New Products

Seven-Eleven Japan Starts to Sell New Halloween Products on September 28

Seven-Eleven Japan has started to sell
new Halloween products.
Seven-Eleven Japan Co. Ltd., a major convenience store chain, headquartered in Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo, and headed by president Fumihiko Nagamatsu, has started to sell new Halloween products, such as "Cookie Puffs Pumpkin" (160 yen excluding tax), "Bite-size Rich Pumpkin Cheesecake" (288 yen excluding tax), "Maritozzo Pumpkin" (250 yen excluding tax), at about 21 thousand Seven-Eleven stores nationwide since September 28.

"Cookie Puffs Pumpkin" is a puff pastry topped with cookie dough filled with pomegranates. it is filled with pumpkin cream.

"Bite-size Rich Pumpkin Cheesecake" is a rich bite-sized cheesecake with pumpkin flavor.

"Maritozzo Pumpkin" is a black brioche filled with cocoa, pumpkin flavored whipped cream and bitter caramel sauce.

Seven-Eleven Japan says, "Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are enjoying Halloween at home as they did last year, and we are selling cream puffs and cheesecakes made with pumpkin, as well as maritozzo with a striking appearance, as Halloween sweets that can be easily enjoyed. We will continue to propose products that match the seasons and events."