Date of Issue: June 2022 Issue of Bakery Japan  Category: Reports

Yamazaki Baking to Raise Prices of its Breads

Yamazaki Baking Co. Ltd., headed by President Nobuhiro Iijima, will raise the prices of its shokupan breads, including "Royal Bread", "Chou Houjun ", "Double Soft", and "Fluffy Bread", by an average of 8.7%, and some sweet breads, such as "Royal Butter Roll (6 pieces)", "Thin Crust Tsubu Anpan (5 pieces)", "Salted Butter French Bread", by an average of 4.3%, all starting from shipments on July 1, 2022.

The company said, "In January of this year, we raised the prices of shokupan bread and sweet bread to cope with the soaring prices of wheat flour, and other ingredients of bread. However, international wheat prices continued to soar, and the government's selling prices of 5 kinds of imported wheats have been raised sharply by an average of 17.3% from April this year. Prices of oils, fats, sugar, and packaging materials have also continued to soar, and energy costs such as electricity and gas as well as distribution costs have also increased. These cost increases are beyond our ability to absorb through corporate efforts.