Date of Issue: September 2020 Issue  Category: New Products

Pasco Shikishima Releases 5 Items of Sweet Bread on September 1

"Apple Brioche"

"Sweet Potato Danish"
Pasco Shikishima Corporation, one of the major bread wholesalers in Japan , released 5 items of sweet bread on September 1 in the districts of Kanto , Chubu , Kansai , Chugoku , and Shikoku. They are all developed to be enjoyed with the textures of the autumn blessings. They will be sold until October 31, and they are all at open prices.

The 5 items are "Apple Brioche", "Sweet Potato Danish", "Walnut Melon Bread", "Sweet Potato Steamed Bread", and "Apple Roll Cake".

"Apple Brioche" is a brioche made by placing custard cream and apple blazer on brioche dough before baking.

"Sweet Potato Danish" is a danish made by rolling diced sweet potato, sweet potato paste, and black sesame into danish dough, before baking.

"Walnut Melon Bread" is a melon bread produced by baking sweet bread dough covered with biscuit dough with walnuts mixed in, and by putting caramel cream inside, after baking.

"Sweet Potato Steamed Bread" is a bread item steamed with diced sweet potato placed on top.

"Apple Roll Cake" is a roll cake made by rolling apple jam mixed with diced apples and whipped cream, into role cake dough with tea leaf powder mixed in.