Date of Issue: February 2022 Issue of Bakery Japan  Category: New Products

Pasco Shikishima to Launch Renewed Versions of "Chojuku"

Renewed versions of "Chojuku" shokupan bread
On January 29, Pasco Shikishima Corporation, a major bread wholesaler headed by President Atsuo Morita, will launch renewed versions of its mainstay product "Chojuku" shokupan bread, both mountain-shaped one and square-shaped one.

The ratio of domestically produced wheat flour mixed into the dough has been increased to further improve the moist and chunky texture of "Chojuku" bread.

In addition, based on the results of a survey conducted by the company on "Chojuku" purchasers, the company has improved the quality of the product. As for the square-shaped "Chojuku" bread, they have improved the crispness of the crust to increase its unity with the crumb. As for the mountain-shaped "Chojuku" bread, a crispy texture when toasted has been further pursued.

To promote the renewal, the packaging features the "Deliciousness Up" logo and information about the spring campaign.

Pasco Shikishima said, "Based on the concept of 'a delicious taste like freshly cooked rice that you eat every day,' 'Chojuku' bread was first launched in October 1998 and has been popular for a long time. In order to enjoy the natural taste and aroma of wheat, we have continued to improve the product with the aim of creating a simple recipe without adding unnecessary ingredients. In 2015, we added the domestically grown "Yumechikara" wheat flour to the dough ingredients to improve quality and contribute to food self-sufficiency.