Date of Issue: August 2020 Issue  Category: New Products

Oreno Corporation releases New Item "Bread of Ginza, Nagomi"

A new item of white bread called "Bread of Ginza, Nagomi"
Oreno Corporation,a company operating many kinds of food businesses, released on July 15, a new item of white bread called "Bread of Ginza, Nagomi", in the 13 shops of its bakery brand called "Oreno Bakery".

The ingredients such as wheat flour, butter, and fresh cream are all domestic products. It is characterized by the soft textures of both crust outside and crum inside. No preservatives or margarine containing trans type fatty acids are used.

"We named it 'Bread of Ginza, Nagomi', because our matured bakers made it with every possible care, hoping you will eat it and feel relieved.",Oreno Corporation said. "We have been told that 2 loaf size is too big for many people, and we baked the new product in one and a half size".