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Date of Issue: February 2022 Issue of Bakery Japan  Category: New Products

Odazo Flour Milling Releases "Spring Has Come", Bread-making Flour Milled from Hokkaido-grown Wheat

"Spring Has Come"
On January 4, Odazo Flour Milling Company Ltd, a flour milling company in Okayama Prefecture headed by President Shinji Ohda, released "Spring Has Come", a bread-making flour milled from Hokkaido-grown "Haruyokoi" wheat and Hokkaido-grown "Kitahonami" wheat.

The company says, "In recent years, many consumers have been seeking bread made from domestic wheat due to their concern for food safety, and an increasing number of bakeries are using domestic wheat as an value-adding ingredient. On the other hand, the use of domestic wheat is sometimes avoided because of the difficulty of making uniform products, caused by the difficult dough handling. As a company that pursues the infinite possibilities of wheat, we have developed a flour brand with improved bread-making properties by blending multiple Hokkaido wheat varieties.