Date of Issue: October 2020 Issue  Category: New Products

Odazo Flour Milling releases "Royal Ripe" on September 1st

"Royal Ripe"
On September 1st, Odazo Flour Milling Co., Ltd, a flour milling company in Okayama Prefecture, released "Royal Ripe", an item of wheat flour for making bread and sweets containing lactic acid bacteria.

Odazo Flour Milling says that about 6 trillion lactic acid bacteria EC-12 are contained in one bag of 25 kg.

Focusing on the particle size of wheat flour, they use finely ground wheat flour that has excellent refrigeration and freezing resistance. It achieves high water retention and stable quality of bread dough made from the flour. It also has the effect of making the dough easy to handle.

In addition, lactic acid fermented rice flour, which is made by fermenting and drying glutinous rice using lactic acid bacteria, is blended to achieve appropriate viscoelasticity and extensibility of the kneaded dough. It also makes it possible to mask the yeast odor after baking.