Date of Issue: February 2022 Issue of Bakery Japan  Category: New Products

Nogami Releases "Hokkaido Miyabi-an Jam" Made from "Miyabi Red Beans"

"Hokkaido Miyabi-an Jam"
Shokupan bread specialty shop chain "Nogami" released "Hokkaido Miyabi-an Jam",1080 yen including tax, on December 17. The jam is made from "Miyabi red beans", famous brand of red beans produced in Tokachi, Hokkaido.

The sweetness has been adjusted to match the bakery's shokupan bread. The combination with crystal sugar brings out a refreshing sweetness. You can also feel the grains of azuki beans and enjoy the texture.

The bakery says, "We have also prepared a label with gold powder, which make the product look luxury. It has a refreshing sweetness, and we have developed it to go well with the shokupan bread that we produce and sell.