Date of Issue: August 2021 Issue of Boulansserie  Category: New Products

Shokupan Bread Specialty Store Chain "Nogami" Releases "White Peach Jam"

"White Peach Jam"
On July 1, Shokupan bread specialty store chain "Nogami", released "White Peach Jam" (1,080 yen including tax). It is jam made from white peach from Yamagata prefecture.

The flesh of white peach, which is said to have 90% water content, is carefully stewed so as not to break it, giving it a refreshing taste. The sweetness is well-balanced, so that it goes well with the Nogami shokupan bread."

Nogami says, "You can enjoy the soft texture and rich flavor of the peach jam. It has a light taste and is developed in consideration of compatibility with the shokupan bread that we manufacture."