Date of Issue: April 2021 Issue  Category: New Products

Nisshin Flour Milling Releases "FARINA FORTE" and "FARINA GIAPPONESE"

2 brands of wheat flour "FARINA FORTE"(left) and "FARINA GIAPPONESE"(right)
Nisshin Flour Milling Inc., of the Nisshin Flour Milling Group, Japan's largest flour milling company, released 2 brands of wheat flour, "FARINA FORTE" and "FARINA GIAPPONESE", on March 22nd. For the production of the 2 wheat flour brands, they use a flour milling method that grinds wheat relatively coarsely, which is common in Europe.

The grain size of the 2 brands of flour is coarse, and when processed into bread and confectionery, they have a simple taste and a unique crisp texture. In addition, they are suitable for long-term fermentation to produce tasty products.

"FARINA FORTE" is a flour made from coarsely ground Canadian wheat, and is suitable for long-fermented lean hearth bread, as well as rich fermented confectionery with a high aroma and a deep taste. It contains 0.43% of ash, and 13% of crude protein, and it is packed in 10 kg bag.

"FARINA GIAPPONESE" is a flour made from coarsely ground wheat from Hokkaido, and the bread baked from it, has a strong sweetness and a chewy texture, and the confectionery processed from it, has a crispy, melt-in-the-mouth texture. It contains 0.4% of ash, and 10.6% of crude protein, and it is packed in 10 kg bag.