Date of Issue: October 2021 Issue  Category: New Products

Nagiya, Fruit Sandwich Specialty Shop, Is Recently Opened in Shinjuku, Tokyo

"Seasonal Strawberry Sandwich"

"Shine Mascat Sandwich"
Nagiya, a fruit sandwich shop where fruit sandwiches made from seasonal fruits and bread called "Nama-shokupan" are served, was recently opened in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. It sells fruit sandwiches made from "Nama-shoku Honey Cream", the top seller bread of Tokyo Noyer Raisins, a "Nama-shokupan" specialty shop, which produced Nagiya. The fruits are purchased daily from a long-established greengrocer in the Tsukiji Market, and the cream placed between slices of shokupan together with fruits, has been developed by a pastry chef.

The products sold at the shop are "Seasonal Strawberry Sandwich", "Shine Mascat Sandwich", "Banana Caramel Sandwich", "Red Grape Sandwich", etc. The tax-included prices are all 380 yen.

Besides these items, an Italian sweet "Maritozzo" is sold. This item uses plain buns baked by Tokyo Noyer Raisins, which go well with the fruits and the cream.

Nageeya says, "Our products are beautiful to the eye, and the amazing taste unique to each ingredient will be integrated in the mouth. We recommend you put them on dishes and use a spoon when eating them" .