Date of Issue: August 2021 Issue of Boulansserie  Category: Knowledge

Not Only Carefully Selected Finest Ingredients But Also Carefully Selected Finest Skills of Marketing - My Point of View

Recently, I have been engaging in the sales promotion activities of "Cost Accounting Queen", a cost accounting software for bread products that we have developed. And in order to experience using the software myself, I pulled out the text books of bread seminars I attended to write articles in our bread magazine Boulansserie, to enter ingredient price data needed for calculating the costs of bread items by "Cost Accounting Queen".

The prices of the ingredients I used were those of the ones commomly used by many people, but the cost prices were calculated rather high. And when I replace the ingredients with well-known and high-quality ones, the cost prices rose unbelievably higher.

What came to my mind then were products called "luxury shokupan breads," which are now very popular in Japan. "We carefully selected the finest ingredients" is a common phrase used by those who manufacture and sell "luxury shokupan breads," and I quite agree that if they make bread using carefully selected finest ingredients, the cost price will surely increase.

And this made me realize that the luxury shokupan bread manufacturers just use carefully selected finest ingredients, and just price them properly, and just sell them to their customers.

What is important here is that they use not only carefully selected finest ingredients but also carefully selected finest skills of marketing.

Certainly, their marketing abilities that convince many consumers that the price of shokupan bread is 800 yen, and not 100 yen, is what we should appreciate and learn.