Date of Issue: July 2021 Issue of Boulansserie  Category: Knowledge

Which is More Important, Bread Taste or Customer Service? - My Point of View

We conducted a questionnaire research on which is more important to consumers, customer service or bread taste, when they buy bread in a bakery and in a convenience store.

Both in bakeries and in convenience stores, the degree of importance was found higher on bread taste than on customer service. This shows that consumers, whether in bakeries or in convenience stores, are clamoring for delicious bread.

However, the quality of required deliciousness is different. In a society where values are diversified, there are various values for food, too, and 100 different people prefer 100 different tastes. Some people will love the easy-to-understand and impactful taste of bread at convenience stores, while others will like the deep taste of the intricately intertwined elements of bread baked in bread specialty shops.

The quality of taste you seek is related to your financial background and the depth of your interest in food. From the viewpoint of bakeries, it is preferable that more people are interested in food and more people can spend a reasonable amount of money on food.

Bakeries all over Japan should become enthusiastic evangelists of bread culture, so that more and more people will be interested in bread culture of not only Japan but also other countries in the world. And I think that the current Japanese bread culture does exist because many bakeries have been doing very good jobs as enthusiastic evangelists.