Date of Issue: February 2021 Issue  Category: Knowledge

Breads Delivery Service in Coronavirus Pandemic in Mitaka City, Tokyo, Japan - My Point of View

Toho Bakery in Mitaka City, Tokyo, Japan

"Delivery Mitaka" is growing rapidly.

A set

B set
It has been a litle more than a year since the first covid case was diagnosed in Japan in January last year. And retail bakeries have been strugling with the pandemic ever since.

And I would like to tell you this month about the food delivery service in Mitaka City, Tokyo, Japan, which is conducted jointly by Mitaka City and retail bakeries and other food shops in Mitaka City.

Since July 2020, Toho Bakery,in Mitaka City, Tokyo,Japan,has been participating in a home delivery service that covers the entire area of ​​Mitaka City. It is called "Delivery Mitaka", and has been done by Mitaka City in collaboration with bakeries,restaurants,and other food suppliers. The home delivery service has started to help people in Mitaka City get their daily food in the coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, Toho Bakery provide 2 menus in the delivery service. One is A set (700 yen including tax) that includes 4 items of bread, which are "Homemade Crispy Curry Bread," "Soft and Melty Cream Bread" "Bavarian Bread", "Croquette Roll Bread" and the other is B set of 3 breads (590 yen including tax),that consists of "Teriyaki Chicken Round Sandwich","Chibi Wiener" and "Milky France".
Amid rising demand for takeout, home delivery services are gaining popularity, and "Delivery Mitaka" is growing rapidly.

"It's a service for customers in the city, so I'm happy to be able to contribute to the local community."says Mr. Shigekazu Matsui, president of Toho Bakery,"Since the delivery service covers the entire city, we can respond to orders from people in distant areas that are difficult to visit".

The important point is that neither customers nor we have to pay delivery charges, because they are paid by Mitaka City.This is why it is very easy for us to participate in this delivery service.

"Delivery Mitaka" is the service conducted a third sector company "Machidukuri Mitaka", which cordinate the delivery of lunch boxes and take-out menus from food shops to be deliverd to Mitaka citizens by student part-timers.

The president of "Machidukuri Mitaka" is Mr.Sumio Yoshida, the chairman of the commercial department of Mitaka City Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Currently, about 40 food shops are participating.

Orders are accepted on the web and can be ordered from one item. On the web, photos of each product and the number of items in stock are also displayed. Telephone orders are also acceptable.

Delivery is basically done on the day after the order is placed, and concerning the delivery time, you can select from 6 time zones, which are "11 am to 12 noon", "12 noon to 1 pm", "1 pm to 2 pm", "4 pm to 5 pm", "5 pm to 6 pm". In the case of telephone order, same-day delivery may be possible.

"Delivery Mitaka" was triggered by "Mitaka Lunch Box Map" started by the Mitaka Society of Commerce and Industry with the aim of supporting food shops that are greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic and simultaneously satisfying the needs of customers who want to avoid contact with people when procuring food.

"In this delivery service, the demand for bakery breads is surprisingly high. Orders for our breads have increased day by day since the service started. Now we prepare 80 sets of breads everyday and 90% of them are sold." says Mr. Matsui,

The Japanese Goverment delivered Covid stimulus checks of 100 thousand yen to everyone in this country last year, which I think was very siginificant. But it is also important for the government to help create new bisuness models where many people can work and can be paied, and above all, can find their lives worth living.

And that is my point of view. Thanks for listning. And I would like you to stay safe,wash your hands, wear a mask, and we love you all, God bless you,