Date of Issue: July 2021 Issue of Boulansserie  Category: Reports

Morecc Maintains Popularity for "Paccat Bakers"

You can use Paccat Bakers variously shaped.

Bread items being baked in Paccat Bakers.
Morecc, a company located in Joso City, Ibaraki Prefecture, headed by president Tomonari Hara, and dealing in aluminum baking molds, has been maintaining deep-rooted popularity for their products named "Paccat Bakers", which are designed to be used as baking molds for confectionery and bread products.

Normally, it is very difficult to adhere the coating agent to aluminum containers, but the company has succeeded in highly adhering silicone coating to aluminum containers with its own technology.

The coating agent is colorless and transparent, and it has a very high mold-removing effect on food, and it is very unlikely that it will come off even if the aluminum molds are deformed. In addition to being able to be used repeatedly, it does not require baking before use.

This special technology has become patented and has begun to penetrate not only the confectionery and bakery industry but also the food service industry under the brand name of "Kelca Coat." It is especially popular in the yakiniku and barbecue-related industries.

Kelca Coat uses a coating agent that complies with the Food Sanitation Act.

Since "Paccat Bakers" can be used repeatedly, the unit baking cost, which is the cost required for baking 1 item of bread or confectionary, can be significantly reduced, and the baked products are easily separated without using mold release oil.

"Paccat Bakers" are made of aluminum, which is cheaper than ordinary baking molds, and has the advantage of having a wide variety of shapes.

Especially in retail bakeries, there is a great advantage that product development activities can be easily done in various shapes and product differentiation from other shops can be easily achieved.

However, depending on the type of bread, a small amount of mold release oil may be required, and it may not be suitable for baking caramelized bread.

For more information, please call Morecc, at 81 for Japan, 297-25-0039.