Date of Issue: August 2020 Issue  Category: New Products

Lotteria Started Selling "Soy Vegetable Burger" and "Soy Vegetable Cheese Burger" as Regular Menus

"Soy Vegetable Burger"(left) and "Soy Vegetable Cheese Burger"
Lotteria, famous hamburger chain in Japan, started selling "Soy Vegetable Burger"(370 yen excluding tax) and "Soy Vegetable Cheese Burger"(390 yen excluding tax) as regular menus being available all through the day. Till then, they had been available only on the morning menu.

"Soy Vegetable Burger" is a meat free burger which tastes like beef patty burger. It was put on limited-time sale from May, 2019, and proved to be a good sale, and it became a regular item on the morning menu.

In May this year, newly created "Soy Vegetable Cheese Burger" came up on the morning menu, and also became popular.

"Soy patti of the 2 items are seasoned only with 50% Calory cut and Non-cholesterol Mayonnaise dressing and tomato ketchup, and it is put with Crunchy lettuce, sliced onion, and fresh tomato, between hamburger buns. The 2 items are loved by those on a diet and interested in health care", Lotteria says.