Date of Issue: November 2021 Issue of Bakery Japan  Category: Reports

Komugian Starts Kitchen Car Business to Sell Freshly Fried Curry Bread on October 1

Komugian started a kitchen car business
to sell mainly freshly fried curry bread.

"Kobe Beef Steak Curry Bread"
Komugian, a company in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, which operates two bakeries in Kobe City, started a kitchen car business on October 1, to sell mainly freshly fried curry bread.

The kitchen car will sell "Kuroge Wagyu Beef Curry Bread" (300 yen including tax), "Agonizingly Hot Curry Bread" (330 yen including tax), and "Kobe Beef Steak Curry Bread" (1,000 yen including tax, limited to 10 items per day).

The way they are provided is as follows. The curry filling is wrapped in bread dough, and it is breaded and further prepared, and then it is deep-fried for 1 minute and 30 seconds after orders are received.

The curry filling is made by marinating Japanese black beef ribs and sinews in Kobe wine and more than 20 spices for 24 hours, frying them, and then simmering them with whole tomatoes, sauteed onions, potatoes, and carrots for three hours. The curry is then aged for another day.

"Kobe Beef Steak Curry Bread" is a special menu item, limited to 10 pieces per day. It is made by wrapping a whole Japanese black beef steak in bread dough before deep-frying it. And it is quite a bargain item with no regard to profitability.

Mr. Masahiko Kashiwagi, president of the company, said, "We offer freshly fried fried currry breads, using the curry filling which is an authentic blend of tender stewed beef, flavor, and spices."