Date of Issue: August 2020 Issue  Category: New Products

New Komugian opens in Kobe City on July 2

Many Kinds of loaf breads sold in the new shop

Newly developed "Lovely Brioche Loaf Bread"
New Komugian, a bakery specializing in loaf bread opened in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture on July 2. It is the second shop of Komugian also located in Kobe City.

New Komugian sells twelve items of loaf breads baked in the first shop, and it also sells the newly developed bread called "Lovely Brioche Loaf Bread", which is 580 yen excluding tax.

Mr. Masahiko Kashiwagi, President of the bakery, says, "What is important in bakeries is whether or not loaf bread is delicious. I opened the new bakery because I want to prove that my loaf bread will be loved by people around Motomachi-dori Street of Kobe City, where so many famous bakeries are gathered together".