Date of Issue: April 2021 Issue  Category: Reports

International Food Confectionery College Holds Special Class

Different lengths of baking tme were tried on French bread

Miss Aya Kawabata, a second-year student in the confectionery and bakery department
The International Food Confectionery College, the principal of which is Mr. Osamu Hirose, held a special class coordinated by its partner school, Richemont Bread Confectionery College in Switzerland, for five days from February 19th. The class was given to the students of the confectionery bakery department of the college.

In the class, they practiced manufacturing a total of 11 types of bread, such as "figs", "Zurich bread", and "farmer bread", all of which are traditional Swiss breads. At the same time, they conducted experiments to learn the properties and roles of each of the basic ingredients of bread.

Mr. Hideaki Masuda, Vice-Principal, who served as a lecturer, said, "In the experiment, I think you could deepen your understanding on what substances each of the ingredients contains and what kinds of effects the changes in their moisture and temperature would cause to bread making. "

Miss Aya Kawabata, a second-year student in the confectionery and bakery department, said, "I remember when I was in the first grade, I did a test baking focusing on the properties of bread flour and cake flour. Looking back on what I learned then, I was able to review the basics. I think that Swiss bread is more salty than Japanese bread. " She also said, "I'll do my best to have my own shop in the future. I want to make it a shop with bread that satisfy Japanese taste."