Date of Issue: September 2021 Issue  Category: New Products

Kimuraya Sohonten Releases New August Wholesale Products Sold at Supermarkets

"Raspberry Anpan"

"Tsubuan & Whipped"
Kimuraya Sohonten Ltd., headquartered in Koto-ku, Tokyo, and headed by President Mitsuaki Kimura, released "Raspberry Anpan", "Tsubuan & Whip", and "Melon Cream Bread" as new August wholesale products sold at supermarkets.

"Raspberry Anpan" is a product baked from dough containing sakadane leaven and topped with white sesame seeds. It has sweet and sour raspberry paste wrapped inside.

"Tsubuan & Whipped" is a product that is made by wrapping bean paste and whipped cream with bread dough making the best use of the flavor of azuki beans. It can maintain a moist and soft texture even when cooled.

"Melon Cream Bread" is sweet bread containing crown melon cream from Shizuoka prefecture and whipped cream that melts in the mouth. Sugar is sprinkled on the surface to make it look like a melon.

In addition to these 3 items, they released "Red Chili Sausage" baked with onion-filled red chili sauce placed on a sausage, "Black Keema Curry Bread" made by frying black donut dough with black keema curry using bamboo charcoal wrapped inside, "Jumbo Steamed Cake Pineapple" steamed cake that melts in the mouth with refreshing sweetness, and "Jumbo Steamed Cake Mango Pudding", with which you can enjoy the mellow sweetness of mango pudding.