Date of Issue: May 2022 Issue of Bakery Japan  Category: New Products

Kanon Opened a Shokupan Specialty Shop "Bakery Kanon"

"Milk Shokupan Bread"

"Colored Raisin Shokupan Bread"
 Kanon, headquartered in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, and headed by President Mitsuo Sato, which operates yakiniku restaurants in Sendai, Ishinomaki, and other cities in Miyagi Prefecture, announced on April 15 that it has opened a shokupan specialty shop, "Bakery Kanon". The bakery produces and sells "Milk Shokupan Bread", made with plenty of milk, "Homemade Menchikatsu Sandwich", a sandwich using minced Sendai beef cutlet, etc. The bakery uses an Italian oven to trap the bread's natural moisture inside, while generating steam in the oven, resulting in a moist, melt-in-your-mouth bread with a very soft texture that is soft to the mouth. In addition, the company says it has pursued the original taste of wheat and a sticky texture through the use of the hot-water-levain method.
 The product lineup also includes "Toasted Shokupan Bread," made with Italian grape seed oil, and "Colored Raisin Shokupan Bread," which is made by kneading four kinds of colorful raisins into the dough.