Date of Issue: December 2020 Issue  Category: Knowledge

The Secretary of Health in British Columbia Drastically Reduces Covid Cases

The Christian Science Monitor, dated April 13, reports that Bonnie Henry, the Secretary of Health in British Columbia, Canada, instructed people to wash their hands like they take away Jalapeno residue from the tips of their fingers, minimizing the number of Covid cases drastically. The magazine continues that she became a hero of British Columbia for this unique way of instruction.

Jalapeno is a kind of green pepper, and after the pretreatment of raw jalapeno, you have to wash your hands very carefully so that the residue left on your fingertips will be washed away. I am in charge of a class at a nursing school, and since Bonnie Henry was formerly a nurse, I took up this matter in that class. I thought it was a well-known fact in Japan, but it wasn't.

The nursing school students aside, even teacher nurses were not aware of this fact. The students were amazed at the fact that one excellent metaphor drastically reduced coronavirus infection cases.

In a bakery,too, enforcement of hand washing alone does not have enough effect. There is no effect unless you practice hand washing that will wash jalapeno from your fingertips, because coronavirus concentrates on your fingertips.

If coronavirus cases take place in your bakery, you will have to close it for a certain period of time.

(This article was written by Katsumi Oda, part-time teacher of a college)