Date of Issue: May 2022 Issue of Bakery Japan  Category: New Products

First Baking Launches New Products of April

"Kumamoto Shichijo Melon Bread"

"Hyogo Awajishima Onion Curry Bread"

Akita Hinai Jidori Chicken & Eggs"

"Tokushima Naruto Kintoki Steamed Bread"
 On April 1, First Baking Company Ltd., a bread wholesaler in Japan, headed by president Masanori Hosogai, launched new products of April, including "Kumamoto Shichijo Melon Bread," "Hyogo Awajishima Onion Curry Bread," "Akita Hinai Jidori Chicken & Egg," and "Tokushima Naruto Kintoki Steamed Bread.
 "Kumamoto Shichijo Melon Bread" is a melon bread filled with melon cream made from melon juice produced in Shichijomachi, Kumamoto Prefecture.
 "Hyogo Awajishima Onion Curry Bread" is a deep-fried curry bread with sweet Awajishima onions curry filling put inside.
 "Akita Hinai Jidori Chicken & Eggs" is a baked bread filled with Hinai Jidori chicken teriyaki filling, and topped with egg mayonnaise.
 "Tokushima Naruto Kintoki Steamed Bread" is made by steaming a soft steamed bread dough, topped with sweetened Naruto kintoki, and black sesame seeds.