Date of Issue: December 2021 Issue of Bakery Japan  Category: Reports

Fuji Baking Group to Raise Prices of Breads Products

Fuji Baking Group, headed by President Akihiko Yasuda, will raise the prices of shokupan breads such as "Hon-jikomi Shokupan" and "Hon-jikomi Shokupan Luxurious Thick Slices" by an average of 9.7%, table breads such as "Neo Series", "Fresh Roll" and "My Craft Bakery" by an average of 8%, and other breads such as "Snack Sandwich Series", "Pizza Bread" and "Black Coppe" by an average of 6.8%, starting from shipments on January 1, 2022.

Fuji Baking Group says, "International prices of wheat flour, oils, fats, sugars, raisins, and other key ingredients have risen sharply due to increased global demand and unseasonable weather in the main production areas. In addition, the price of eggs has soared due to the spread of avian influenza. In addition, the prices of packaging materials, logistics costs, and fuel costs have also risen. We are making efforts to absorb these costs internally through various cost-cutting measures, but the situation is very severe."