Date of Issue: July 2020 Issue  Category: New Products

First Baking Releases a Variety of New Items

First Baking Co., Ltd., a bread wholesaler in Japan, released a variety of new items on June 1. The new items include "QBB Cheese almond Bread", "Tokyo Milk Cream Bread","Mochi Vanilla", and many others. They are all at open prices.

"QBB Cheese almond Bread" is the bread made by wrapping dice cheese and roasted almonds with bread dough and placing QBB cheese on top before baking. QBB cheese is a famous cheese brand in Japan.

"Tokyo Milk Cream Bread" is the bread filled with cream made from "Tokyo Milk", a famous brand milk produced in Tokyo.

"Mochi Vanilla" is the product made by wrapping rice cake and cream with vanilla flavor, with chewy bread dough.

The company released many other new items such as "Shine Muscat Fromage", bread with Shine Muscat jam and rare cheese cream on top, "Chicken Salad Bread",bread with chicken salad and smoked cheese inside, and "Crown Melon Bread",bread made by baking bread dough filled with cream using juice of Crown Melon produced in Shizuoka Prefecture.