Date of Issue: February 2021 Issue  Category: New Products

Donq Holds "Aomori Apple Fair" from January 16 to 31

"Jonathan and Fuji Apple Brioche Ring"

"Aomori Apple and Cinnamon Brioche"

"Aomori Apple Roll Bread"
Donq, a Japanese artisan bakery chain, is holding the "Aomori Apple Fair" in Donq shops nationwide from January 16 to 31. This project has started as a result of the agreement on promoting Aomori apples, between Donq and the Aomori Prefecture Apple Countermeasures Council. This is the 9th time for the event to be held.
Among the apples produced in Aomori, "Fuji", "Jonathan", and "Orin", are said to go well with bread. And Donq is selling bread products using those 3 kinds of apples.

Some of the products are "Jonathan and Fuji Apple Brioche Ring" (368 yen including tax), "Aomori Apple and Cinnamon Brioche" (951 yen including tax), "Aomori Apple Roll Bread" (216 yen including tax).

"Jonathan and Fuji Apple Brioche Ring" has a moist texture of brioche and the sweet and sour taste of Jonathan, and the crispy texture of Fuji apple placed on top is a very good accent.
"Aomori Apple and Cinnamon Brioche" is a product that features the combination of butter and cinnamon flavors that exudes into the brioche and juicy apples.
"Aomori Apple Roll Bread" is a sandwich with custard cream with honey and cream cheese and Jonathan apples.

Donq said, "Aomori Prefecture, which is located in the northernmost part of Honshu, is known as the number one apple producing area in Japan. It accounts for about 60% of the total apple production in Japan. Harvesting is carried out for each variety from August to November, and the peak shipment period is from January to March. Apples grown in the blessed climate of Aomori have a good color and sweet taste."