Date of Issue: June issue in 2020  Category: Reports

Cotta Records the Highest Monthly Sales

Cotta, an online shopping site specialising in bread an confectionary ingredients, had in April, the highest monthly sales ever, they announced recently.

The sales of wheat flour, yeast, and butter were 5 times higher than last year. The member registration in April reached 110 thousand in number, which is 20 times higher than the one at the same period last year.

And the bread recipe pages are visited 5 times more frequently than they were at the same period last year, and the bread making online school "Ohchi no Pan Master" had the highest number of students ever, in March and April.

Cotta analyze that this is because people are spending most of the time at home to avoid coronavirus infection.

Cotta considers that the lack of wheat flour for home baking is not due to the lack of wheat itself, but due to the delay in packaging at the suppliers.
Concerning the lack of yeast, the one used for home bread baking comes mostly from abroad, and the orders have been made 3 months before shipment, which is the main reason why we are running out of yeast right now, Cotta says.