Date of Issue: March 2022 Issue of Bakery Japan  Category: New Products

"Centre the Bakery Aoyama" releases "Ultimate Raisin Bread" using 5 kinds of raisins and 2 kinds of wheat

"Centre the Bakery Aoyama"

"Ultimate Raisin Bread"
On February 11, shokupan bread specialty shop "Centre the Bakery Aoyama", released "Ultimate Raisin Bread" using 5 kinds of raisins and 2 kinds of wheat from Biei, Hokkaido.

According to the bakery, this is "the ultimate bread for raisin lovers." 5 kinds of raisins carefully selected by the bakery are mixed into the dough, made from "Yumechikara" wheat from Biei, Hokkaido, and "Kitahonami" wheat also from Biei, Hokkaido. The dough has both a moist and chunky texture

"Yudane" dough, mixed with boiled water and fermented overnight, is mixed into the "Ultimate Raisin Bread" dough. This give the product a mochi-like texture, which further enhances its moistness and glutinousness.

The raisins kneaded into the dough are a well-balanced combination of 5 raisins, which are raisins made from peonies with different tastes and textures, jumbo raisins from abroad, golden sultana raisins, green raisins, and domestic grapes.

In addition, the amount of raisins mixed into the bread dough is 60%, which is larger than that of usual raisin bread, to optimize the aroma of raisins and their harmony with the bread.

The bakery says, "Raisin bread tends to absorb the moisture of the bread after baking, causing the bread to harden quickly. To compensate for this, we used a special technology to create raisin bread with a fresh and moist texture."