Date of Issue: September 2020 Issue  Category: New Products

Bonjour Bon Releases "Pork Fillet Cutlet Curry Bread"

"Pork Fillet Cutlet Curry Bread"
Bonjour Bon, a bakery operating several bakeries in Tokyo, recently released a new curry bread named "Pork Fillet Cutlet Curry Bread", which is 235 yen including tax. It is a curry bread made by rapping a piece of pork fillet cutlet and beef curry filling with soft bread dough before frying.

The beef curry filing is made by letting beef stew for a long time with initially stir-fried onion, and by adding tomato and some fruits. The stir-fried onions and the fruits add sweetness and tomatoes add a little bit of sourness. It has been a big hit so far in these hot summer days.