Date of Issue: August 2021 Issue of Boulansserie  Category: Reports

Bologna FC Starts the Service that Let Customers Create Their Original Design Labels to Canned Breads

Canned breads with labels originally designed by the purchasers
On June 18, Bologna FC, headquartered in Tie toe-ku, Tokyo, headed by President Yutaka Matsuo, which handles food business, recently started the service that let customers create their original design labels which will be attached to the canned breads for long-term storage bought by them. The canned breads with labels originally designed by the customers can be bought only at the company's online shop.

Until now, it was necessary to order at least 500 canned breads to make purchasers' original labels, but with the introduction of this new service, the minimum order quantity has been reduced to 3 pieces.

The items to which you can attach your original labels are "Can de Bologna" packed with Danish pastry that can be stored for 3 years, and "Stockpile de Bologna" packed with brioche that can be stored for 5 years. Both items have 3 cans set, 6 cans set, and 12 cans set.

When creating original labels, you can arrange various templates that have already been prepared, or create a fully customized design label.

The company said, "By designing the labels of delicious canned breads that can be stored for a long time, memories of your daily life can be picked out and stored for 3 years and 5 years or even more. "