Date of Issue: October 2020 Issue  Category: Reports

Maruju Bakery Sharn Opens a New Bakery "Bread Camp Fukufuku"

"Bread Camp Fukufuku"

"BBQ Frank"

A tent is set up
Maruju Bakery Sharn, a bakery in Kanagawa Prefecture, opened a new bakery "Bread Camp Fukufuku" in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture on August 22nd.

Various breads are displayed on the bread shelves made of natural wood in the shop, creating imagees of nature.

A kids' space where children can play is set up, and a tent for children and a wooden slide are placed. Customers with children can shop while their children are playing in the kids' space. You can eat bread in the tent, and also on the terrace in front of the shop.

The new bakery sells about 60 items including breads sold only in "Bread Camp Fukufuku", not in the other shops in the bakery, such as "BBQ Frank", which is made by wrapping bread dough around a skewered Frankfurt sausage before baking.

Hedeki Matsuo, president of Maruju Bakery Charn, said, "When I went camping and had a barbecue on the Sagami River, I served various breads with barbecue dishes to my friends and they seemed very satisfied, and I've always wanted to produce them on a commercial basis. And my desire grew stronger and stronger to create an open place that makes custummers feel like they are at camping sites"